Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Steyn: The Only JayVee Player on the Court

Great spot from Mark Steyn appearing last night on Hannity.

I also have to say that I have a huge, new found respect for Sean Hannity for going to Israel and for his reportage from there. He really did a great job and it does take a certain weight of stones to actually go there in person, with a crew and see what is happening on the ground. So kudos.

Also, like John Oakley-he lets Steyn speak! This is what's known as GOOD interview technique.

Hmmm. Rosen's first (only???) rule of journalism?


Right, that works for me.

Anyway, do watch the whole clip. 

For us uppity infidels, this is kind of like therapy. I mean, Red Wine Therapy on occasion (dry, Kosher, preferably from Italy or France or Israel...) is also a good thing, but it is certainly also moderately arousing therapeutic to hear Mr. Steyn express so eloquently how despicable this President is, and the "prissypants", "faculty lounge" attitude that they have toward the jihad and real threats to world peace.