Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Steyn: American Decapitated By Englishman

Here are some notes from Mark Steyn's spot on the Oakley show this morning, plus the audio.

Here is a Steynian nugget:

"There are two approaches to ISIS: You can kill it. Or you can feed it. And right now we're feeding it - with manpower, and with victims. And, as it feasts, it grows."

And by "ISIS" he, of course, means The Jihad, The Caliphate, etc...

Here's the bit about liberal society that I mentioned in a previous post:

Oakley: "How do we address this ("Canadian" jihadists, etc..) as a liberal society in the West, Mark?"

Steyn: "Well, when you say 'a liberal society', it's a question of whether "liberal society" is a euphemism for suicide pact."

And here is a GAHHHHHHHH line: "...we are becoming them."