Friday, August 15, 2014

Mann V Steyn Update: Mark Steyn, Writer, Human Rights Activist and TOAST-MAKER!

What a great article. I like ALL OF IT. 

"No wonder Mann (and his anonymous - but evidently very rich - backers) are fighting so hard to delay the process for as long as possible."

"If this ever goes to trial they're all toast."

So, I thought that was my favourite part until I re-read it, and now I have decided that I also like this part:

"This is what I've always found so thoroughly enjoyable about the global warming debate. It's not one of those issues where there's right and wrong on both sides and it's really a matter of opinion which one you favour. Quite simply it's a very straightforward battle between, on the one hand a bunch of lying, greedy shysters, fanatical, misanthropic, anti-capitalist eco-loons, bent, grant-troughing scientists, grubby politicians and despicable, rent-seeking millionaires and billionaires; and on the other a handful of brave, honest, rigorous, seekers-after-truth."


(I wonder what James Delingpole *really* feels about the climate debate weather...)

And, from my little perch over here, I am very encouraged so, so, so jealous of by Mark Steyn's new best friends.

Furthermore, I believe I resemble this remark:

"Six years ago, in my battles with Canada's "human rights" commissions, it was initially just me, Ezra Levant, Maclean's, and a handful of notorious fringe crazies."

"As I said to my boss at Maclean's, Ken Whyte, we could hold the big free-speech rally in the back of his Honda Civic. But the months went by, and eventually PEN Canada, the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star and the rest of the gang all got on board, leaving the Canadian Islamic Congress with no-one but Bernie Farber and a handful of other kinky state-censorship fetishists."