Thursday, August 14, 2014

Your America Is Doomed, Egg-Freezing, Spinster, Anti-Family, Feminism is To Blame Story of the Day

Or perhaps of the century?

This is perhaps the most depressing thing I have read today-and there is LOTS of competition for that today.

Behold: NYC "career women" are having "egg-freezing" parties. 

Good Lord, this is depressing. It's not "liberating", it's wrong-headed and a perfect example of how badly feminism has failed women.

There is NO "career" that can substitute for the joy of having children. Not a single one. Instead of examining a hollow life, these women are trying to flip biology and human nature further on its head and complicit medical professionals are helping them to so, for profit.

This is terribly sad.

“The pressure is off, and I feel so empowered,” she said of her feelings after she socked away her eggs for a later date."

(Facts are irrelevant, of course. Just 'feelings' matter.) 

I can now concentrate on my career and becoming who I want to be before having children!”

This is also pathetic:

I want to take my fertility into my own hands, rather than put pressure on the person I have my next relationship with,” she said.