Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dreaded, Seekrit Joooo Kathy Draidle: "Here Comes the Mob (Again)"

Draidle always brings out the very best in JOOOOOOOO haters. 

This is a great reply.

Anyway, if you like, take a read of Draidle's summary of Big Trans having a hissy fit because Gavin McInnes thinks they are weird.

(Why Big Trans should care what he thinks or anyone else thinks is beyond me. I mean who cares what "people" or "the world" or anyone thinks?? I think it's more about punishing people that have the nerve to disagree, and not take this "cause" up as their own personal civil rights movement and articulate some of the many glaring red flags about the whole movement that are perfectly sensible to sensible individuals.)

Fortunately, in his own words, he's rich so he really doesn't have to care about them, the boycott, or getting turfed out of his own company (I bet he is going to build something much better, with even further reach because he's very smart and entrepreneurial).

It's great that this whatever it is-battle, campaign, temper tantrum-who knows-will certainly not crush him financially-and that's great, because that is often the goal.

I hope he wears this as a badge of courage, and carries on and goes on to even bigger and better things.

The main thing is family anyway. 

Living well, being in a happy marriage and having happy, healthy kids and a supportive extended family and a few good friends are ultimately the only things that really matter.

So kudos.