Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mark Steyn on the Young Turks and Zany Dutch Muslim Politicians in Foxy Red Jackets Showing Cleavage

Must read!

Steyn starts in Europe and then goes east to Turkey, which itself-is going down the toilet.

"Look at Yasmina Haifi in the photograph at right - she's not a burqa-wreathed crone, but a modern western career woman in a foxy red jacket with just a hint of cleavage. And yet she cannot bear the truth about her religion and what is done in its name. So she takes refuge in the laziest conspiracy of all. In the Netherlands, an "extremist" Muslim supports Isis because it's chopping the heads off infidels, but a "moderate" Muslim opposes Isis because it's a Zionist front group."

(Ummm. HELLO?!???!?! )

("What am I, chopped liver," she sobs, tears flowing onto her keyboard.)

As Douglas Murray asked yesterday-how "integrated" is "integrated"? 

"This is the human capital with which the Netherlands has chosen to build its future."

Actually, this is the human capital that most of Europe has chosen and imported. Europe slaughtered its Jews and then replaced them with this. So, malheureusement (actually not really, I'm kind of schaedenfrudelicious about it) I must say:

Looks good on you, Europe. 

Furthermore Steyn notes:

"And, when it comes to entertaining even a very narrow criticism of what is done in Islam's name, a far larger number of people, invited to choose between criticizing Islam or embracing lunacy, find it easier, like Yasmina Haifi at the Dutch Ministry of Justice, to embrace lunacy. How many like-minded souls will have joined Yasmina in Dutch government service by 2020?"


"And there are no Kemal Atat├╝rks in sight, only culturally craven prostration limbo-dancers like Bill Shorten. Absent any countervailing forces, continued mass Muslim immigration will lead to the death of France and the Netherlands, as those terms have any meaning."

"Look at it this way: There are three reactions to Isis among western Muslims - active support on the streets from the excitable young lads, deranged conspiracy theories from Yasmina Haifi, and utter deafening silence from everybody else. Suppose one of those youthful jihadists returns from Mosul and decides to decapitate a French Jew. Do you think that trio of reactions would be any different?

(OMG!! Classic Steyn. I'm horrified, but I'm laughing my head off, which is certainly better than having a head chopped off, of course. But I have this terrible feeling there is something seriously wrong with my sense of humour, or Steyn's-but what do I know? I'm just a lowly, infidel scribe, trolling the internet for chuckles and disgraceful stories of the decadent decline of Western civilization.)

Now excuse me while I go buy a foxy, red jacket sensible, red blazer!!!!!!