Monday, August 4, 2014

I Love You America, But Your Police Are Out of Control

OK, I love you but I hate your president, but that's beside the point.

Your increasingly militarized police force is OUT OF CONTROL.

Guess what?

When your police are armed like a military and you, as a civilian, are not that means the guns are pointed at you.

Check out the ARMY of Watertown, CT, population 22,000. Neighbouring Waterbury now has one, too. How wonderful.


This from the police chief, of a town that admittedly has a particularly low crime rate-even below the national average:

"Watertown Police Sgt. Curt Molnar said his department shares its MRAP as a regional vehicle with Waterbury, Naugatuck Valley Community College, Wolcott and Middlebury."

"You hope not to use it much, because it could mean there's a shooter or a serious call," Molnar said.

It appears to me that this vehicle could take down an entire house, never mind a shooter or other "serious" thing. 

But the chief, ever the optimist (and who wouldn't be with that kind of firepower behind him) feels that his mini-military is a good thing, and even a heck of a good thing for the little wee ones of Watertown!
"It's a great opportunity for the public to learn about the police and what we do," says Watertown Police Sgt. Curt Molnar."

"It's definitely a big icebreaker with the kids."

I don't know about you, but I definitely think "friendly, neighbourhood policing" when I see a massive, armored vehicle heading toward me and my kids! Don't you?


Icebreaker, bone breaker, law breaker-what difference, at this point, does it make?