Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mark Levin: Certain Cultures Are Better Than Others

Smart fellow. Wise words.

"Let me say this, certain cultures are better than other cultures. Certain cultures are better than other cultures. Otherwise, why do people seek to escape their cultures to come to come into our culture? And yet because of the lack of assimilation, but because we have now entrenched, balkanizing ethnic front groups, politicians that represent them, the bureaucracies that fund them and protect them, assimilation rarely occurs unless an individual determines that they're going to be assimilated."

"Now, I've said this before: a government that has the power to dictate whether or not your kids can sell or eat cupcakes as a result of late local bake sale is a tyranny. It is a government way, way out of power, out of sync. And it's gonna get worse. It's not gonna get better."