Friday, August 8, 2014

Someone Needs to Translate Zvi Yechezkeli's Series on Islam From Hebrew to English-UPDATED

Hello internet?!?!

Someone has got to translate this series!

Arutz 10 in Israel really needs to get this into English. 


Watched one part last night and it freaked me right out.

Now, there was nothing really that I didn't know already about Eurabia, but it's different when you see it and hear it-than when you read it.

There were so many excellent parts and interviews the episode that I watched (most galling was Anjem Choudary-just nauseating), but what upset me most was watching a clip from a Muslim woman who escaped brutal abuse and almost was "honour" murdered, and she vowed that if she survived, she would dedicate the rest of her life to helping other women escape the torture of their domestic enslavement. And she has lived up to that promise.

Yechezkeli (who speaks fluent Arabic), spoke to a Muslim woman and asked if she didn't feel safer being in Europe under her circumstances, with all the protections of the law in Europe, and the woman-who had been brutalized and is living in hiding, still fearing for her life, said "what Europe", she basically concluded that there is no more Europe. It was a startling moment of clarity.

I would urge Arutz 10 (or Mr. Yechezkeli himself) to subtitle this series into English.

It needs a much wider distribution.

(P.S And this is an important P.S-he's very easy on the eyes. Like EXTREMELY!)

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