Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Iran: New BFF's Saudia Arabia and Israel Know Best

"Two American allies who know the region well are convinced that Iran’s nuclear program is fundamentally military in nature, that the Iranians are taking American-led negotiators to the cleaners, and that Iran’s aim is to buy the time necessary to achieve its military objective."

"Alas, it is not just an intimate understanding of their region that has given Israel and Saudi Arabia good grounds to deplore any agreement that, at this very late date, makes concessions to Iran for anything less than elimination of its nuclear weapons-making capabilities. It is also the confused and feckless conduct of Obama administration foreign policy in the Middle East."

Basically, the Saudis hate the Jews and hate the Israelis but they are not suicidal.

They do not wish to be nuked by Iran. They loathe the Shia Iranians even more than than they hate the Jews right now. And Israel has nukes and Saudi Arabia doesn't. You see where I'm going with this...

Therefore: very strange bed fellows and dangerous times.