Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gypsies, Camps and Thieves-How Europe is Turning into A Roma Garbage Dump

So, remind me why we need more of these charming folks in Canada? 

Remind me why liberal Jews like to have the Roma as their new pets that make them feel so damned good about themselves?

"...the media have served up sob stories like one put out by the Associated Press last year:"

“The camps weren’t much to begin with….Rats ran rampant and fleas gnawed on young and old alike….But they were home – and they were better than the new reality for thousands of Gypsies who have been forced into hiding after France launched its latest campaign this week to drive them from their camps.”

"Rarely, it seems, do the journalists responsible for this sort of drivel ever ask the gypsies questions like: “Um, if you’re going to live in this place, why can’t you at least try to keep it sanitary?”

"No, it’s almost always either implied or stated outright that, if the gypsies live in such filth, it’s because they’re poor and oppressed; virtually never is it acknowledged that this way of life is a fundamental element of gypsy culture."

How bad has it gotten in the UK?

"How bad have things gotten in Page Hall? Here’s how bad: as the Daily Mail noted on Tuesday, “the local Pakistani community association is running ‘official’ warden patrols between 8pm and 10pm every weekday with the intention of ‘educating’ the Roma population about ‘how to behave in England.’”

"(If it weren’t so tragic, it would be funny.)"