Thursday, November 28, 2013

Will Anyone in the Official Jewish Community of Canada Tell Bernie Farber to Shut Up?

Just like last year, when he went after Jason Kenney getting an award from Haifa University, Bernie Farber completely embarrassed himself by making a fuss about it because Kenney is a conservative.

Of course, there is no shaming the shameless so he showed up at the dinner anyway, but it didn't seem like anyone really wanted to talk to him. He was just slinking around.

But now he's at it again with his crazy man crush on the Roma.

He says Stephen Harper, the most pro-Israel Prime Minister that Canada has EVER EVER HAD, the head of the government that is pretty much Israel's only friend in the entire world, that he does not "deserve" to be honoured by the JNF-the Jewish National Fund. 

What an idiot. 

Newsflash: Most Canadians do not want more Roma refugees in Canada for legitimate reasons. One only has to look at Europe to see the damage that they have done to that continent.

Canadian immigration policy cannot and thanks to Stephen Harper, will not, be based on the abnormal Roma fetish of a few stupid, but vocal left wing morons who just happened to have been born Jewish.

Isn't there a single Jew in the "organized" Jewish community that can tell Bernie Farber to shut up and perhaps not attempt to alienate Stephen Haper with his personal lunatic activism?

It's bad enough that he has sold out the memory of the Holocaust to make a living pimping out the (often truly awful) situation of Canada's Aboriginal as a "genocide".  Up until recently, when he was a Professional Jew, the Holocaust was a singularly Jewish thing-what gives.

Pro tip: Most regular Canadians do not like to be accused of being genocidal.

You know who is genocidal? Iran. And the Palestinians.

Do these morons have any words for Iran? NOPE. Silence.

They are all about "words started the Holocaust", but clearly-words only started the Holocaust when the perpetrators are white, Christian Germans.

The Palestinians and the Iranians use some pretty choice words about the Jews and Israel, but these leftist scumbags are blind, deaf and dumb to that.

This will, of course, backfire on Bernie and his bunch of fellow liberal cultists.

The JNF dinner, I predict will be rightly SOLD OUT.

It's too rich for my blood at $400 a pop, but here is the information in case you can afford to go. 

(I would be happy to attend, schmooze and blog it if anyone feels like springing for a ticket for me. I am certainly not above 'blegging'.)

People will travel for miles to honour Stephen Harper.

All the machers who are too scared to tell Farber to shut up will gather around and want their picture with the Prime Minister.

They will oooooh and ahhhhh. 

They will applaud and make donations to build Israel.

And I will laugh a self-satisfied, conservative Zionist laugh.