Friday, November 29, 2013

Must Read, Daniel Greenfield: Manufacturing Intolerance, or Intolerance As Identity

Why fake "hate crimes" are not going away in the near future. 

"The left’s need for victimization means that tolerance actually leads to escalating confrontations with these manufacturers of intolerance."

"The manufacturers of intolerance, whether they’re tenured academics like Ward Churchill, professional politicians like Barack Obama or angry waitresses like Dayna Morales, respond to tolerance with further provocations."

"Their goal is to elicit evidence of intolerance to sustain their political identity. The more tolerance they encounter, the more they escalate their provocations."

"Their goal is not a tolerant society. It’s not a multiracial society or a post-racial society. It is a society perpetually at war over identity politics. That conflict is what gives them power."