Friday, November 29, 2013

Kathy Shaidle is One Smart Cookie-Super Awesome Post

Read this. 

This is certainly one of the best little posts that Draidle has done.

She takes down the idiot liberal protest-too-much crowd in one little blog post.

This is a work of art. 


"The “right” MUST stop placating the obviously hypocritical crazies on the “left” and just start expressing what we believe in public."

"Realize this: The “left” believes much the same thing, deep down."

"They are furious and jealous when you dare to be braver than they are by admitting it aloud."

"Why do you live your life fearing the hysteria of angry, envious people whose every behavior indicates that they don’t even really disagree with you?"

Well, I don't and I won't!


Yay for us!

I refuse to be afraid and just shut up. It's NO WAY TO LIVE.