Thursday, November 21, 2013

Exactly: We Jews Are Stupid Idiots For Treating Our Enemies

More pious than the Pope!

More Christian than Christians.


I was going to blog about this because it enraged me, but Hagai Segal just said it better than I could.

I'll just add that it was idiotic to treat that little Granddaughter of Hamas.

It will never win over Hamas Hearts and Minds to our side.

And no-we have no obligation to treat and be nice to the people who want to destroy us. That is called suicidal. And for a life-loving people, suicide is out of the question.

These people want to kill us and they celebrate spilling our blood. Therefore, you show no mercy to them and that includes the children. Send them to Saudi Arabia for treatment. Or Iran, or Cuba-who cares. Not a single dime of Jewish money, not a single drop of Jewish sweat and not a single ounce of Jewish brainpower or healing power should go to anyone whose mission in life is to murder Jews.

Stupid idiots.