Friday, November 29, 2013

The Lee Rigby Murder Trial: Soldier Was Hit By Car, Then Savagely Attacked, Hacked to Death

It is wrong to call this act of terrorism "cowardly". 

On the contrary my dhimmi, infidel friends. It takes quite a bit of confidence to partake in such a brazen, cold-blooded murdered and calmly discuss your reasons, and patter about Allahu Akbar while posing for photos with blood dripping from your hands and machete.

This is the kind of brazen, murderous confidence that is a result of Great Britain no longer feeling it is great. This is the result of Great Britain no longer feeling it necessary to defend it's greatness.

The result of shunning the great Judeo-Christian legacy of Great Britain is inevitably a dead, British soldier, drenched in his own noble blood, in broad daylight, with an immigrant hovering over his body proudly, mumbling about Allah's greatness without any regret and indeed great pride.