Monday, November 18, 2013

Must Read Douglas Murray: Human Rights Vs. Public Safety

Love Douglas Murray. So smart and bold.

Here he discusses "Human Rights Vs. Public Safety".

I blogged about that Sudanese pedophile thug a few days ago. 

"In recent years the British government – not least in the pay-offs for former Guantanamo detainees – has repeatedly attempted to stop the embarrassment of going through lengthy human rights cases by paying off terrorists before their cases could come to court. To keep state intelligence secret and avoid legal unpleasantness, there are quite a number of people in the UK who have been made jihadist millionaires. Young Mohamed claimed that the UK authorities were complicit in his torture in Somalia in 2011. And why shouldn't Mohamed have given such a claim a go? Like previous claimants, he had nothing to lose, and potentially millions to gain."

Repeat after me: