Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Snapshot of America on the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

So, President Obama is a no show. No big surprise there. The guy simply has no class whatsoever.

And I guess it would just be way too painful for him to say a nice word about a Republican, especially one who was so devout, and such an outstanding leader and who abolished slavery.

The best commentary that I have read about this incredible anniversary is by Rex Murphy-who is just an outstanding writer and thinker. He never disappoints. He's even more delightful to listen to on the radio if you ever get the chance.

Rex Murphy: A Perfect Miracle of Public Utterance 

"Its beginning phrase, “four score and seven years ago,” has become so well known that it’s almost risen to the level of folklore. These six words are a key to what Lincoln is doing with the remaining 272: He deliberately sets a formal, deliberate tone, while avoiding the obvious or colloquial (“87 years ago”), and choosing to echo a biblical phrasing (Psalms: “The days of our years are threescore years and ten”). The deliberate archaizing of the phrase also amounts to a call to attention."

"Lincoln follows this with a brilliant, condensed prĂ©cis of the American idea: “Conceived in Liberty … all men are created equal.”

"The second sentence leaps from the distant founding of America to its then-terrible present moment and place. He declares the Civil War (which was to continue for another year and a half) as the “test” of whether a nation founded on such ideals “can survive.”

Meanwhile, in today's America:

Obama recites the address but omits the 'under G-d' Part. 


Apparently, President Obama has to code the ACA web site entirely on his own, from scratch, and that's why he could not make it to the Gettysburg memorial.

But you know what?