Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rush Revere: Best Seller, If Book Stores "Allow" You to Buy It

As it turns out, Rush Limbaugh's new children's book is a best seller.

I thought several lines of this article were particularly telling. 

“Rush Revere” is the best-selling book in America now and was at the top of’s bestseller list several weeks before its late October release."

"This I had to see, so I stopped by my local Barnes and Noble for a look. A clerk, after two computer searches and much wandering, located the publication in the deepest corner of the store. He had never heard of the book, which is Barnes and Noble’s second-biggest seller. I told him they should offer GPS coordinates to find the thing. The clerk was a nice young man, but has no sense of humor."

"He agreed to sell it to me and I read it in an afternoon."

"I write about it a few days before Thanksgiving because it is a fine book for kids that uses a fun gimmick to describe the earliest days of our nation."

So, if you are a right wing, conservative children's authors you can be a best seller DESPITE the fact that stores try to hide your books.

So this is good and bad news, of course.


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