Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bibi Netanyahu at Sunday Morning Israeli Cabinet Meeting: We Will Not Allow Iran to Become a Nuclear Power

There is no translation here yet, but basically he is reiterating that the accord signed in Geneva is not an historic agreement, but an historic mistake.

Here, Netanyahu also reiterates that Israel will do everything in its power to defend itself and will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power.

You know just yesterday, I was reading George Jonas' EXCELLENT column where he warned that great dangers were coming.

"The Statist Model"

"As I’ve argued over the years, governments, including free and democratic governments, are not really friendly to freedom and democracy. They abhor any rule of law that limits their powers and penchant for social engineering."
"Obama isn’t alone. All governments are prone to what I’ve called creeping Guantanamo Bay-ism: The gradual transformation of the state into a potential police-state. A Kafkaesque shift from the rule of law to the rule of administrative expediency has emerged over the years partly as a defensive response against the burgeoning totalitarian tyrannies of the 20th century, and partly as an adaptation to them. While fighting the enemy, in this case Nazi- and communist-type despotism or “offensive” statism, liberal democracies absorbed and internalized quite a few of their philosophies and methods."
"A paper tiger to enemies, a real tiger to its own subjects: this is the statist model, with its ever-expanding areas of restrictions, limitations, surveillance and extra-judicial sanctions. Every removal of a legal safeguard is justified by the need — often valid — to protect society against the depredations of criminals and terrorists, but ends up as the protection of the state from its citizens."

This is a MUST READ because Jonas really is like a prophet in some ways. He is very smart and sees things not just before others, but with prophet-like clarity.

He finishes with this. Remember, this was published on Saturday, the day of the "historic agreement".

"The tsunami is rushing along the bottom of the ocean. For now read about it in the back pages, with the rest of tomorrow’s news. It’s not yet headline material. It will be, when it makes landfall, before long."

The tsunami has made landfall.

The Obama administration has unleashed the Iranian nuclear tsunami.