Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Must Read: "From Four Score to 'Yes We Can': Brett Stephens On Obama

This is what is called a total and utter op-ed evisceration.

You must read the whole thing. 

Via Sohrab Ahmari.

"Abraham Lincoln spoke greatly because he read wisely and thought deeply. He turned to Shakespeare, he once said, "perhaps as frequently as any unprofessional reader." "It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted," he added. "With him the thought suffices."

"Maybe Mr. Obama has similar literary tastes. It doesn't show."

"An economy built to last," the refrain from his 2012 State of the Union, borrows from an ad slogan once used to sell the Ford Edsel. 

"Nation-building at home," another favorite presidential trope, was born in a Tom Friedman column. 

"We are the ones we have been waiting for" is the title of a volume of essays by Alice Walker. "The audacity of hope" is adapted from a Jeremiah Wright sermon."

"Yes We Can!" is the anthem from "Bob the Builder," a TV cartoon aimed at 3-year-olds."