Friday, November 1, 2013

Army Ranger Lucas Carr and His Buddy Matt Brown Win the Internet Today: American Inspiration

This is America. 

America is where an army ranger gets reacquainted with  a family that he used to do odd jobs for, and finds out that their teenage son became a quadriplegic in an accident.

He suggested they run marathons together. At first, Matt Brown was hesitant. He had never liked running before.

“I had just gotten out of the Army when his accident happened, and I connected with him personally,” he recalls. “You look at a young kid who had everything stripped away from him at 15 years old, but he’s always stuck by the motto of ‘Never quit.’”

"The following year, Carr got the idea that he and Matt should start doing marathons together. He had run several marathons on his own, and he was inspired by Dick Hoyt, a father who had pushed his quadriplegic son, Rick, in more than 1,000 races."

"Matt, who hated running before he was injured, wasn’t initially excited by the idea. “I was hesitant at first,” he recalls. But he quickly changed his mind once he got on the road."

"Carr and Brown compete at the 2012 Boston Marathon.

It’s really fun and really cool to be able to get pushed and feel that sense of the wind in my face, feel the sense of running again,” he says.

G-d bless you both.

G-d bless Ranger Lucas Carr for being Matt Brown's legs and enabling him to feel the pleasure of the wind on his face and the sense of running again.

Carr and Brown will be running in the NYC marathon.

They are looking forward to Sunday’s race.

“I’m a lot closer to running than I ever thought I’d get back to,” Matt says.

“I just love being out there.”