Friday, November 15, 2013

Great News: Scotland New European Vacation Destination for Female Genital Mutilation

Damned Amish, always looking for places to cut up their kids.

Also, two "men", you know, just regular British blokes, arrested for genitally mutilating a FIVE MONTH OLD BABY GIRL, right after tea and crumpets!

Because you know, those five month old baby girls are just so prone to sexual misbehaviour and such.

You don't want your five month old baby to be a promiscuous slut, right? I mean, am I right or am I right?!?

Ho hum:

"More than 1,500 new cases of female genital mutilation have been revealed by a single London maternity unit and staff admit that other cases could have 'slipped through the net.' St George's hospital in Tooting has treated nearly 200 women a year since it started keeping records on the violent practice, it emerged last month."

"While most of the 1,546 victims treated in the hospital's specialist unit were born in Somalia, disturbing statistics show that at least 11 were born in the UK."

Beautiful gem, tucked inside the article: 

The family that splices together stays together: 

"Families often club together to fly professional 'cutters' to the UK from Africa, after which they perform mutilations on pre-pubescent girls for as little as £40, often without anaesthetic, using blunt knives, razor blades or scalpels."

They are probably using their benefits to pay for this, by the way! 

Celebrate diversity! Tax dollars being used to sexually mutilate little girls in the UK. What could possibly be wrong with that? I mean-who are we to judge?