Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have I Mentioned Lately That Mark Steyn is Awesome?

If you click, you get not just Steyn, but a link from Seekrit Jew Kathy Draidle, another from scaramouche and a wickedly awesome swiped at the effete Toronto left. There are sex drugs and rock n' roll in it. OK. Sex and drugs. No rock n' roll but I'll get you a video toward the end of this rant.

Behold: A Ford, Not a Lincoln. Big Deal. 

Just a sample. But you must read the whole thing.

"As I told this interviewer in Calgary the other day, in an ideal world I would rather not have a crackhead mayor – but on the other hand he joins a pothead national Liberal Party leader and a cokehead Quebec separatist leader, not to mention a since beatified Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition caught by Toronto police during a raid on a “happy ending” massage parlor. Such is life in a land of long winters. "


"The notion that they’re so “over the top” as to disqualify someone from office is deeply damaging to the very idea of representative government. It requires that the political class speak only within the ever tightening bounds of an effete antiseptic “public discourse” ever more removed from the people they govern, and ever more exclusionary of ever larger numbers of them. It turns the rulers into a class apart."


"No member of Toronto’s governing class would hire Rob Ford to sit his kids. But, for some of us, the ease with which the city’s leadership moves from mayor to babysitter is rather more telling."

Bonus: As Eye on A Crazy world notes, most of the demonstrators against Rob Ford are white liberals. Take a look. Hey-don't they have jobs?

So in other words-Celebrate Diversity, plebes. Do as we say, not as we do.

Rob Ford's supporters are *actually* diverse.

And when I say diverse, I mean they are different colours, religions, and from different cultures and countries.