Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hey Jews: Heads Up, Next Shabbat Dedicated to IDF Wounded, Spread the Word

Of course when I say "hey, Jews" I am also referring to all of our philosemitic gentile friends as well.

"The Torah portion on Shabbat "Vayishlach" tells of the Jewish Patriarch Jacob's struggle with the angel of Esau, as a result of which his hip was injured causing him to limp. At the close of the struggle, he was given the name "Yisrael" (Israel), meaning "you have struggled with G-d and with humans and have overcome", by which his descendants are called to this day." 

This is a fabulous idea. I love it!

Would certainly work for Christians and churches as well. 

The IDF, and all of the members of Israel's security services within and outside of Israel need all the prayers and good vibes and wishes we all can muster.