Thursday, November 14, 2013

Some Days Are Glorious

Some days have a lot of laughs and a lot of fun stories, and wickedly funny e-mails and great conversations.

Sometimes you just have to take that moment and really be thankful to be alive. It's the simple things.

It's because of hot chocolate with whipped cream today with a colleague. It's because of a few funny news stories. It's because everyone had a good lunch and will sleep in a warm house in clean sheets in a house full of love and a fridge full of food.
It's because you talked to your Mom and your Dad. Because you made a plan with a friend. Because your husband sends you cute text messages. Because you're never too old to start something new. A new project, a new book.

Sometimes you want to laugh out loud on the subway. Sometimes you do.

Sometimes you see a mother of two young kids patiently talking to the mentally retarded woman with CP on the subway.

She asks: how old are you?

When's your birthday?  (Kids, February, Mom March)    

Where are you going?  (To the dentist, where are you going? To the Eaton Centre!)

You see a woman that has raised her girls right, cautious but polite. Girls who are so young but know enough to look for that reassurance from their mother that it's OK to talk to THAT stranger. That it is kind. It is a good thing, girls to talk to this stranger beside us. It is the right thing to do.

Sometimes you want to hug the stranger on the subway with her girls for being so kind.

Sometimes you think of your own disabled son and pray for that same kind of kindness for him. That a stranger would speak to him that way, with love and affection and see the beauty in him.   

And sometimes you put the deep thoughts and your worries aside and you enjoy every friend, every message, every text that you get.

And you enjoy a fall evening. You sing on your way to the subway and you don't care if anyone stares.

Some days are glorious.

Many, in fact.