Friday, November 8, 2013

"Speaking of Totalitarianism"-Dror Eydar Explains the Israeli Left and the Left in General

This really reminds me of what Rob Ford is going through. 

The left refuses to accept when it is not in power. This column is about Avigdor Lieberman (DA! LIEBERMAN DA!!) but it's also about the left in general.

"Intellectuals from the immigrant community whom I met over the years were appalled by the one-sided consensus among Israeli academics and media, which presumed to dictate the correct way of thinking -- who should be exalted and who should be ostracized."

"Paradoxically, these immigrants -- people of profound thought -- spotted totalitarian tendencies among Israel's veteran elite. Because of that, since they had been the ones to ask for dialogue, they were shocked to learn that they were being presented as a "threat to democracy." In the countries they came from, that term was used to mark enemies of the regime."

"He never sat idle, but expressed many opinions that were not politically correct and that deviated from what was acceptable in the dominant left-wing discourse.The Israeli elite was ashamed of him as foreign minister; they prefer European cocktails with Palestinians and do not like to be party poopers."

" is not Lieberman who stands at the heart of these things. Rather, it is the phenomenon -- Lieberman as a representative of a large segment of the population that regards the Israeli Left as a childish gang whose doll was taken away from them ("They've stolen the country from us!"), stamping their feet as they demand the doll back. "