Monday, November 4, 2013

Steyn: A Phalanx of Lies

A wonderfully bleak, fabulously accurate essay by the great Mark Steyn,  PBUH, on the status of American health care.

Now, the whole essay contains magnificent Steynian turn of phrase after Steynian turn of phrase, but I thought I was going to die when I read this line:

"For the media, just a spoonful of bovine manure makes the Obamacare medicine go down." 

Sing along: in the most deliiiiiiiightful waaaaaaaaaaaay. 

I know, I'm not very mature, OK?!??!?

For the record, I like fart jokes also.

Anyway-more Steyn:

"My old comrade David Frum was somewhat insouciant about the extra $2,400 a year he’ll have to find for his new Obama-approved health arrangements. These days, comparatively few Americans are that liquid, and for most an extra $200 a month will have to be clawed away from real things of value."

(Check out this Texas single Mom's "Thanks A Lot, President Obama" for a real American's perspective on President Obama-MUST, MUST, MUST READ.) 

“Not only will I pay more,” grumbled Mr. Frum, “but I have had to divert many otherwise useful hours to futzing around with websites and paperwork.”

"But that’s life in the Republic of Paperwork, isn’t it?"

"The remorseless diversion of time and energy to “futzing around.” That’s why so much of American life seems to be seizing up, why so many routine features of human existence require time-consuming bureaucracy-heavy painstaking navigation."