Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You, My Soldier

Thank a soldier today.

Thank them wherever you see them. 

"Some foreign impulse overtook me – a combination of sleep deprivation and jet lag helps to lower inhibitions – an overwhelming feeling of love for these boys who wear the uniform of the IDF, each of who wears the face of my son. The compulsion to hug each one. Impulsively, I ask the commander if I may address his class. Sixty or seventy young men – boys – sitting silently, and I speak to them words that are formed not in the rationale of the brain, but in the passion of the heart."

"My voice is low, there is absolute silence in the room. I tell them how, having a son who'd served in the IDF several years ago, I see his face before me seventy times over. I speak to them of our prayers, all the mothers of Israel, of our prayers for their safety, and for their compromised childhood. I speak of my fears – they have none! – of hopes and dreams, of historical promises made to us...
Most of all I speak of my love for them. Today, I don't remember the words...I remember just the feeling in that room.."