Friday, November 15, 2013

The Language of ObamaCare is At Least Half the Battle

Yesterday, I was talking to Kathy Shaidle about how conservatives should not use the term "Planned Parenthood" to describe "Planned Parenthood".

One of our shared Twitter followers suggested that "Planned Infanticide" is more accurate and I agree, and added that "Planned Extermination" is also apt.

So, here's some more free, gratuitous advice to conservatives about ObamaCare.

I think that language is a big part of the battle. The people who own the terminology usually win the war of ideas.

You'll definitely be seeing President Obama wean off using "ObamaCare" and call it anything else.

That has most certainly started already.

The other thing that I thing shows a bit of a defeatist attitude is the idea that people have "lost" their insurance. 

Americans haven't "lost" their insurance. It has been cancelled because of incredibly arrogant, government bungling. "Lost" is so passive". It's like when people say the Twin Towers "fell" and lives were "lost". 

That kind of passive language is really not helpful.

The other term that is ridiculous mumbo-jumbo is "exchanges".  Conservatives should actually redefine these terms for what they really are.

Krauthammer has some thoughts here about the whole debacle. 

The "exchanges" are just medical care redistribution schemes.

Using the Obama administration's terminology is conceding to their terms.