Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why I Support the Rabbis Who Beat the Crap Out of Get-Refusing Husbands: Orthodox Jewish Woman Pleads for Divorce

Remember a few weeks ago there was a story about the 'goon squad' of Rabbis beating the crap out of recalcitrant husbands? 


Men like this need to be roughed up.

And synagogues need to put very, very strong societal pressure on these disgusting creatures.

There are many societal tools at the community's disposal:

Refusing to let the man be a part of a prayer quorum.

Refusing to host members of the family for holidays or the Sabbath.

In Israel, these guys can have their drivers' license and passport confiscated and they can be jailed as well.

The "aguna" situation is the worst anti-female part of Judaism.

But with rabbinic will-there is a rabbinic way out of it. And a little muscle really makes a difference.