Friday, November 8, 2013

Why The Mainstream Media is Full of Gutless Cowards: Syrian Polio Edition

This story really misses the story, but that's not surprising.

It's supposed to be a story about how "Syria's" polio outbreak might reach Europe.

Well, guess where the "Syrian" emergence of polio came from?

You see, it's PROBABLY from Pakistan, where people are shot by fanatic religious Pakistanis for trying to immunize THEIR OWN CHILDREN against polio because they think it's some Zionist plot to shrivel their penises or something. 

Get that? They hate their own children. They want their own children to die of polio.

So, because Pakistan is a backward, Islamic hell hole that wants it own children to die from polio-children in other slightly more civilized places (Europe-just slightly) will die from polio as well.

Polio has also been identified in Israel and in Gaza.

Same strains.

But at least the Jews do not wish polio upon their children. Crazy, right?!?