Friday, August 1, 2014

An Update: Student Arrested in Virginia After Water Mistaken For Beer Gets $200K Settlement

An update to this story with lots of links to refresh your memory. 

No details if the "officers" were fired.

Like Mark Steyn says, these are not police, they are low level bureaucrats with guns.

("I'm sick of "agents" and "raids". These guys are not agents; they're low-level bureaucrats. America is unique in the developed world in turning minor officials from the Department of Paperwork into "agents" and letting them run around pretending to be James Bond. And, by the way, the point about 007 is that it's a very low number, because there are supposed to be very few of them.)

I don't think $200K is a lot of money considering what she went through.

But frankly, she's lucky to be alive and there is no amount of money that bring back the dead or "compensate" for death.