Friday, August 1, 2014

Must Read: David French-The Evil Sentimentality of the Pro-Hamas Left

Thank you David French for putting this essay together. 

A very dark day for Israel and the Jewish people. Agony. Absolute agony.

This is clear and brave and I could not have said it better myself.

"Rarely has civilian death been so propagandized by so many of our fellow Americans. Oh, now, I know they’ll protest this characterization. They hate — just hate — the horrific loss of life in Gaza. They hate it so much that they’re moved to wax as eloquently as they can about the horror of death in schools, in mosques, in hospitals — all the places where people are supposed to be “safe,” supposed to seek “refuge.”

"They can’t stop writing about this death, emoting about this death. And they write and emote until you can almost see the splash of their crocodile tears on your computer screen."

"They love peace, you see. They love it so much that they attempt to use every one of their God-given gifts to make you feel what a Palestinian widow feels, to make you stand in the shoes of a man weeping for his lost son. Feel the ultimate anguish. Hear the wailing. Don’t look away from the blood or the rage or the tears."

"Have hundreds of thousands of parents and children and aunts and uncles shed similar tears in Syria? Look away from that. No, look away. I mean it. I need your eyes to focus back where they should — on that dead Palestinian child."

"The deaths of Palestinians are special deaths, more horrible than Syrian deaths. The Palestinian effort to survive echo the struggles of the Patriarchs. The glory. The heroism. The pain. The injustice."

"There is a word for this kind of writing and thinking."