Thursday, July 30, 2015

"A Rare Voice Of Palestinian Sanity"

Very interesting article from Khaled Abu Toameh.

As I have said before, he is definitely one of the bravest journalists writing today.

The essay he reports on is equally brave.

"Dr. Abrash's article represents a rare voice of sanity among Palestinians. This is a voice that does not blame all the miseries of Palestinians on Israel alone and holds the Palestinians leadership also responsible for the continued suffering of their people."

"However, this is a voice that is rarely given a platform in mainstream media outlets in the West, whose journalists continue to focus almost entirely on stories that reflect negatively on Israel."

"Western journalists based in the Middle East tend to ignore Palestinians who are critical of the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. That is because such criticism does not fit the narrative according to which Israel is solely responsible for all the bad things that happen to the Palestinians."

"Dr. Abrash's criticism of Hamas and the PA -- whom he openly holds responsible for the suffering of their people -- actually reflects the widespread sentiment among Palestinians. Over the past few years, a growing number of Palestinians have come to realize that their leaders have failed them again and again. Today, many Palestinians are aware of the fact that both Hamas and the PA are responsible for hindering efforts to rebuild the Gaza Strip and that the two parties are as corrupt as ever."

"But when will the international community and media wake up and comprehend what many Palestinians came to understand years ago, namely that the real tragedy of the Palestinian people has been -- and remains -- bad and irresponsible leadership?

I don't see that changing among Israel and Jew-haters. Jew/Israel hate trumps the actual needs, wants, aspirations and reality of the Palestinians. The hatred is so deep and so strong, that not even a Palestinian telling a non-Palestinian activist the truth, will change anything.

Unfortunately for the Jews, and unfortunately for the Palestinians, Palestinianism is the current, en vogue, socially acceptable and most palatable expression of Judenhass in the world since the Holocaust.

The left really loves having this cultish tool its disposal, and I don't see that changing in the near future. Jew-hatred is very resilient and amorphous and Palestinianism is a really "perfect' vehicle for antisemitism because racial/eugenic antisemitism against the Jews in the post-Holocaust era is still not socially or politically safe territory to tread upon.