Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Live From Norwalk, It's Carly!

I like her style. 

Cruz/Fiorino would be a great team.

"A question was put to her about the recent Planned Parenthood matter. Again she showed her ability to challenge the status quo and control the message. She told the audience to watch the video of her and CNN’s Jake Tapper. She schooled him. (And in any debate she would destroy Hillary.) Her main point is that Hillary is the extremist and her “not a child until it leaves the hospital” position reflects poorly on the character of a nation. She would defund Planned Parenthood. Big applause.

"I suppose for some she has a “Mitt” problem. Yes, she is rich, so people wonder, “Does she care about a person like me?” I would only suggest that people appreciate the fact that she has been divorced, fired from her job, had cancer and one stepchild die due to drug addiction. I don’t know any family in America that hasn’t been touched by at least one of those four horribles. She was nice as pie to the crowd and not stiff at all."

"She has a steep hill to climb simply because she now has essentially zero name recognition. If not nominated for President, she would be the perfect nominee for Vice President."