Thursday, July 23, 2015

VDH: Obama's Dangerous Rhetoric


"Obama apparently believes that strategic threats are not checked with tough diplomacy backed by military alliances, balances of power, and military deterrence, much less by speaking softly and carrying a big stick."

"Rather, crises are resolved by ironing out mostly Western-inspired misunderstandings and going back on heat-of-the moment, ad hoc issued deadlines, red lines, and step-over lines, whether to the Iranian theocracy, Vladimir Putin, or Bashar Assad. Sometimes the administration’s faith in Western social progressivism is offered to persuade an Iran or Cuba that they have missed the arc of Westernized history—and must get back on the right side of the past by loosening the reins of their respective police states."

(That is it, in a nutshell...the arrogant ethos of Western liberals is perfectly encapsulated in that paragraph.)

"Obama believes that engagement with Iran in non-proliferation talks—which have so far given up on prior Western insistences on third-party, out of the country enrichment, on-site inspections, and kick-back sanctions—will inevitably ensure that Iran becomes “a successful regional power.”

Read about Obama's "zesty confidence in the redemptive power of Western moral superiority".

(I think he has "zesty confidence", but not in Western values, only in Western values insofar as they enable and facilitate the suicide of the West via Obama's presidency.) 

 "The world is going to become an even scarier place in the next two years. The problem is not just that our enemies do not believe our President, but rather that they no longer even listen to him."