Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Media and Entertainment Elites Are the PR Wing of the Democratic Party

I know many young adults who think that the Daily Show is a news show.

It's where they get their "news" from.

The extent of the incestuous co-mingling should surprise absolutely nobody. 

Nobody cares that this was partisan political advocacy tarted up as entertainment and "comedy". 

However, I found this little nugget informative:

"Obama White House officials enjoyed it when Stewart was singing from the same hymnal. But they also were quick to pay attention when he turned against them."

He’s an expert shamer,” said Dag Vega, a former White House staffer who was in charge of booking the president and other administration officials onto The Daily Show"

"Axelrod, a frequent Stewart guest, kept in touch with the host by phone and email. In an interview, Axelrod said Stewart was “a useful prod” for the administration"

More like a useful idiot.