Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Forget About That Stupid Lion, Milo Yiannopolous Slays Sacred Cows (Animal And Human)

This is a freaking work of art. 

"Everyone knows that becoming a feminist makes a woman less marriageable, more crass and generally just unpleasant to be around. But does it also make them uglier? Readers have been asking, so I delved into the science to find out."

"Irresponsible celebrity feminists tell women, in a constant orgy of affirmation, to love themselves no matter what their size or shape and that no matter what they look like, they are beautiful and “real.” These supposed role models also encourage women to swarm into traditionally male occupations and hobbies to prove that women are just as capable of being computer programmers or lumberjacks as men."

"Such advice is selfish, cruel, and a lie. In fact, if you want to attract the attention of a high-value potential husband, you’re much better off doing things that will make you pretty — spending time with puppies, children and flowers and listening to Mariah Carey ballads — rather than indulging in today’s dykeish and profanity-laced female empowerment culture."