Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Bloodthirsty, Insatiable Outrage Addicts of the Internet

"The latest story of internet mob justice is a depressing one."

"Two elderly hearse drivers driving the flag-draped coffin of a military man stopped to grab a donut before their long drive from one Florida town to the next."

"A man saw the parked hearse and took a video of himself confronting them about this apparent disrespect to a fallen hero."

"When they didn’t seem remorseful for stopping at a Dunkin Donuts, he sent the video to a pro-veterans group. One thing led to another and the video went viral, the internet freaked out, and the two men—both in their seventies—lost their jobs."

“Our lives are now ruined because of a donut,” one of the men wrote on Facebook.

God forgive me. We now have no means of income because of a donut and being human.”

"Few things are as dangerous as the toxic mix of hero worship and outrage culture."

"Two elderly men are now out of their jobs because they stopped to grab a snack before making an hour-and-a-half drive."