Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Must Read From Kurt Schlichter: The Real Reason American Troops Were Unarmed in Chattanooga

If you don't follow Kurt Schlichter on Twitter, you are losing out.

He's an excellent writer, a patriot and a solidly pro-Israel philosemite. If that's your thing, then read everything he writes.

I am often extremely moved by his essays and he makes me laugh out loud on Twitter when he engages with the effeminate, eunuch, Social Justice Warriors.

This one is a must read. 

"Service members on base and outside at remote recruiting sites are not being deprived of weapons just because of short-sighted directives. It’s much worse than that. They have no access to guns to protect themselves – though in most states the civilians they pass in the streets off-post can legally and easily carry concealed – because senior military leaders are more terrified of career-ending “incidents” than the safety of their troops."

"Shamefully, instead of preparing our warriors to confront the enemy, there is talk of having our servicemen and women shed their uniforms and hide inside their offices behind armed guards. That’s right – for the sake of a politician’s narrative and the careers of a few desk jockeys, we will take law enforcement off the streets to stand guard over some of history’s fiercest warriors rather than allow them access to the tools of their trade."

"It’s shameful. And it’s personal."

"Major John Gaffaney was an officer in 2nd Brigade, 40th Infantry Division, when I was in 1st Brigade. I don’t remember him that well, but we would both be part of the pack of captains and lieutenants at the rear of the Division briefing room back in the day. MAJ Gaffaney was shot dead by Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood. He was killed attacking that traitorous piece of slime with a chair."


Combating terrorism with cowardice.