Monday, July 20, 2015

When Your Betters in Government Play Russian Roulette With Your Life

Or the lives of your loved ones.

Victor Davis Hanson has a terribly sad, accurate and upsetting article about San Francisco and how sick it is to give sanctuary to the people who have a very good chance of murdering you, or someone you love. 

It's really evil.

"San Francisco, as is true daily in other sanctuary cities, rolled the dice with someone else’s safety, and, in this case, a life was lost."

(Actually, it wasn't "lost" and for VDH, who I admire so much, to use this passive language is very upsetting. The life was not "lost". There was a murder and I think we really always need to be cogniscent of our language, especially as it pertains to murder. )

 "In a larger sense, we are asked to believe that breaking federal law is a one-time phenomenon for the illegal alien, not often the beginning of habitual legal noncompliance that quickly snowballs into a labyrinth of illegality — all predicated on the crime of entering the U.S. unlawfully. Suggesting that cities with large populations of illegal aliens witness no greater per capita crime rates (and do we know accurately the number of illegal aliens who reside in these supposedly safer cities?) than others is to ignore everyday things like creating false identities, filing fraudulent Social Security numbers, and driving without licenses, insurance and registration. Or are these written off as mere infractions rather than crimes"

"By needs, the world of millions of illegal aliens is not one where one reports or counts all criminal activity, or considers reportable the sort of crimes that citizens would pay dearly for (try getting caught with a fake ID, or filing a Social Security number). But if the host country did not have a problem with millions entering it illegally, it certainly has even less than a problem with what follows."

Unfortunately, the same thing happens in Israel.

And it's wrong to blame Netanyahu post-facto. The Shalit family ran a relentless, well-funded PR campaign, and many voices warned that the price would be blood. Not his blood, but the blood of others.

As Issacharoff notes: "these transactions sanctify the blood of soldiers like Gilad Shalit, while reducing the value of other lives to zero. No matter how many tragic reminders Israel gets after negotiating the release of IDF soldiers; no matter how high the stack of Israeli bodies gets as a result of such transactions, there’s still a deeply embedded Israeli reflex that sends decision-makers back each time to the idea of a wholesale release of terrorists for a soldier or two.

Can you look at the photo in this article without weeping? I can't.

This is the result of "leaders" playing Russian roulette with human lives.