Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mark Steyn: The Great Thing About Living on Your Knees Is Not Noticing Anything In Front of Your Eyes

Free speech champion and prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH explains it slowly: 

After Charlie Hedbo's editor decided not to run any more images of Mohammad, Steyn wrote about it, and got some feedback:

"As Laurent "Riss" Sourisseau, Charlie Hebdo's new editor, put it:
It's a little strange to be expected to exercise a freedom of expression that no one else dares to.
On Saturday, after I mentioned M Sourriseau's decision, I received a fair few responses about "gutless hypocrites" and "French cowards". A number of them came from persons using a pseudonym, which perhaps renders demands for courage from others somewhat less persuasive. Here's where Riss was that January morning:
"The man got one-and-a-half meters from me and shot into space. Everything was very quiet. Only the shots were heard. Not a single cry. Then he was aiming at me. He shattered my right shoulder." Sourisseau played dead until the assassins, the brothers Kouachi, had left. "When it was over, not a sound could be heard. Not a cry. Not a whimper. As I understood, most were dead."
When you did what they did, then you have the right to curse them for not continuing to go on doing it."

And yet, Steyn's prophetic words from not that long ago, remain unheeded:

"We will be retreating into a lot more self-censorship if the pansified Western media doesn't man up and decide to disburse the risk so they can't kill one small, little French satirical magazine. They've gotta kill all of us."

There is no interest among the cowardly, pseudonymous masses to accept their part of risk disbursement and I don't see that changing. I just can't picture a massive ideological shift now to "they've gotta kill us all".

In other related, thoroughly depressing and annoying news:

Douglas Murray says this was David Cameron's best speech ever on Muslim terrorism and lack of integration. 

Hey, I wonder if David Cameron knows that female genital mutilation is such a wonderfully popular "British" custom? 

Did you know that Britain has FIVE seasons?

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and "CUTTING" SEASON?!?!  

David Solway discusses how 'progressives' devour their kill. 

" There can be little doubt that Sir Hunt (yes, he is knighted) is the triple victim of the radical feminist movement, the plague of political correctness that has polluted the wells of intellectual discourse, and the spineless accommodations of university administrators and institutional bureaucrats."

"None of this should surprise us, but it should alarm us about the moral and intellectual degradation that has befallen the world of presumably informed opinion in the Western “social imaginary.” There is, however, even further cause for alarm, and that involves the manner in which the targets of such vendettas typically accept the prevailing cultural consensus." 


F&ck that. 


Obama blames DA JOOOOOOOOOZ for being against the Iran "deal" a.k.a capitulation. Damned neo-cons JOOOOOOOZ.

However, the details of the "deal" are being withheld from Congress, oddly enough. 

America is being run by a craven, Marxist, supine, Islamic jihad-compliant regime. 

For a more impressive story, watch how Carly Fiornia schools the mainstream liberal media.

Seriously, she is just cleaning their clocks.

This is how conservatives should do liberal media: make no apologies, and expertly and firmly steer the conversation right to their hypocrisy and journalistic crimes of omission and omerta where liberals are concerned. IN. THEIR. FACES.

Most excellent.

And lastly, extremist liberal, election loooooooser Bernie Farber moans about Stephen Harper not bowing down to Ontario's vagitarian premier. The more annoying thing is that he thinks that if he uses a Yiddish word like "shanda" that gives him some kind of extra special Jewish authority. Idiot.

Such a pity that so few Jewish "leaders" ever tell him to have a heaping cup of STFU. I guess they just ignore him for the most part.

ZZZZZzzz so sleepy so bored....

BIG WHOOP, Bernie.