Tuesday, July 21, 2015

California: Micro Aggression, Macro (Batsh&t) Crazy

More craven first world "problems" from the crazy state...

"Many purported microaggressions arise from the contradictions in diversity ideology. Authorities in a diversity regime are supposed to categorize people by race and ethnicity—until that unpredictable moment when they are not supposed to. Assigning a black graduate student to escort a black visiting professor, for example, is a microaggression, per the “Tool.” But wasn’t the alleged need for role models and a critical mass of “persons of color” a key justification for “diversity”? Describing a colleague as a “good Black scientist” is another microaggression. But such a categorization merely reflects the race-consciousness and bean-counting that the campus diversity enforcers insist upon."

Disagreement is the new micro-aggression.

Boy, these lefties can sure dish it out, but they cannot take it.

So, instead of arguing or debating like civilized adults (because they are unwilling and unable), they shriek MICROAGRESSION.

If you disagree with a leftist, you are hostile, and stalking them and making them feel "unsafe".

So much for "starting a conversation".

The conversation is basically two words: SHUT UP.