Friday, July 17, 2015

Glick: Obama's Age of Nuclear Chaos

The great Caroline Glick and her sage advice and wisdom: 

"Just as Obama’s nuclear capitulation to Iran has destroyed his influence among our Arab neighbors, so his ability to force Israel to sit on the sidelines as he gives Iran a nuclear arsenal is severely constrained."

"How will he punish Israel for defying him? By signing a nuclear deal with Iran that destroys 70 years of US nonproliferation strategy, allows the Iranian regime to grow rich on sanctions relief, become a regional hegemon while expanding its support for terrorism and develop nuclear weapons? Years from now, perhaps historians will point out the irony that Obama, who loudly proclaims his goal of making the world free of nuclear weapons, has ushered in an era of mass nuclear proliferation and chaos."

("How could we have possibly known?!?!")

"Israel can ill afford the luxury of pondering irony."

"One day the nuclear Furies Obama has unleashed may find their way to New York City."

"But their path to America runs through Israel. We need to ready ourselves to destroy them before they cross our border."