Friday, July 17, 2015

Is the Jihad Getting You Down? Need A Break From The Feeling That We're Close to the End of the World??

This post is going to be light and fluffy because jeeezzzzussss effing hell on earth I am tired of talking about and posting about and reading about the barbarians.

So here's a bunch of random stuff that is NOT about the head choppers, leftist morons and whatnot.

First of all, in doing some work-related research, I happened upon a delightful article about dress codes for women in Victorian era Prince Edward Island. There were rigorous codes of etiquette surrounding fabric, colour, patter and style, and of course everything had a MESSAGE.

There was also a very strict code of rules on making calls to family, friends and acquaintances, where to leave your calling card, how to leave it, etc..

I actually learned about the expression 'kid gloves' because they had a picture of a woman with her "kid [leather] gloves" and I had never put two and two together before. DUH. Kid gloves!

 Anyway, the best part about it is that they had an extensive little bit about the language of fan communication. Now, not "fan" like FAN JEW MIDDLE-AGED ZIONIST GIRL you know like ME AND MARK STEYN.


This was all about how women practiced the secret language of communicating with their fluttering, hand-held fans!

Dammit, I think we need to go back to fans!

Communication between men and women is just so freaking complicated nowadays. If all these idiot millennials, and emasculated men and masculine women would just take a step backward to simpler times, we all would be so much better off.

To wit: 


You want something happy? This cake is totally happyville, man. 

Seriously, it's the best chocolate cake I ever made. I made one this morning. The secret Zionist twist is also adding two heaping teaspoons of instant coffee into the batter, which brings out the chocolate flavours like you cannot imagine!


And, if this is true, it makes me very happy. 

So, enjoy yourself. Coz it's impossible to be worrying about civilizational collapse 24/7. And it's impossible to watch the Jackson Five and listen to disco and feel bummed out.

If you've still got the blahs after this, well, sorry-you're hopeless.