Friday, July 24, 2015

Security Alert For Toronto Area Synagogues

This week, a local synagogue was being photographed and surveilled by three men.  Every synagogue and Jewish school needs to be locked, with members watching ALL THE TIME. I hope the shul's security camera catches these motherf&ckers.

Do you think local mosques have this problem?

Via e-mail:

"This past Wednesday evening, three unidentified men were observed on York Hill Blvd taking photos of the Shul.  When approached, they jumped into their car, a black VW Golf, and quickly drove off."

"We have advised both the York Region Police and CIJA Security Officer.  Our Security Volunteer Team and paid guards have also all been informed to heighten their attentiveness and patrols.  In the interests of public security, we ask all of our members and guests to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any such vehicle near our premises, or anyone seen taking photos of our property."