Monday, July 27, 2015

OMG: Instapundit With the Defining Paragraph on "Sex Education"

I posted about this earlier.

I often say that "sex education" is just sexual grooming.

It's creepy and mostly created and implemented by sex-obsessed pedophiles and is used to groom children for sex and hyper-sexualize them at ever-younger ages with the full collaboration of leftist governments.

But Instapundit summarizes the issue with unique, sage, clarity and I will definitely be quoting this in the future:

"When did sexual education turn into sexual proselytizing?"

"Iowa Safe Schools and other similar LGBT “safe schools” efforts aren’t about preventing bullying or even sexual education, but about promotion of LGBT sex. "

"Yes, students need to learn the specifics about body parts, how they work, and how babies are made. Such education became integral, after all, to help prevent unwanted pregnancies."

"But unwanted pregnancy is not possible with LGBT sex. So teaching about specific LGBT sexual techniques and practices isn’t sexual education, it’s sexual promotion. And many parents are, understandably, not comfortable with the public school system being used for such promotion.

"Those parents who are comfortable with teaching sexual promotion–learning the means of sexual pleasure–are of course free to discuss these matters with their children."