Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mark Steyn Gives GOP Losers A Slow, Clear Explanation About Being Losers

The Professional Republicans of America are all in a tizzy because THE DONALD. 

As they well should be.

I guess the suck up, crony, leftist, thuggish vapours emanating from the White House have affected the brains of many (most???) of GOP's best minds highest paid consultants bloated professional political class boring faux conservative cocktail party addicts losers.

From his interview with John Oakley this morning, Steyn reviews;

"...we discussed the way the normal rules of American politics apparently do not apply to the new GOP frontrunner."

"Given that the "normal rules" of American politics have delivered America into the hands of a permanent ruling class content to preside over a hyper-regulated, corrupt, cronyist, indebted borderless ruin mitigated according to taste by a deranged hyper-sexualized identity-politics totalitarianism hunting down homophobic bakers and confederate-flag decals, I'm rather relaxed about that."

I wonder how Steyn *really* feels about the GOP Losers?!?!

And is it wrong that I find his stern, firm, lecturing of the Loser Class moderately arousing?




Right, right-eunuch "conservatives" who can't, you know WIN the Presidential election in America, and therefore DO SOMETHING about the decline of America. 

Conservatives in (North) America have (for the time being anyway) lost the culture war, and have lost public education, the media, the judiciary, the arts, the academy and so many other pillars of Western civilization.

We rightly expect the left to continue it's bloodbath against us, non-stop because Crazy Never Sleeps. 

What we should never accept is being sold out by those who purport to share our values.

You know the ones who say they are conservative, get elected, but then turn into gonad-deprived, shrinking violets seduced by the narcotic effect of popular liberal extremists asking them if they want to sit at the popular kids table at the White House or House of Parliament. It's so easy, baby, just take one sniff of Utopian Dust, and everything will be just fine....

When voters elect individuals that pretend to care even a small bit about taking back some of that ground, and putting up a reasonable fight-and then those individuals completely bail on every single front-you get Donald Trump's numbers.

By the way, I am extremely happy that Mike Huckabee is doubling down and not offering some stupid, effeminate loser apology about his oven comments. 

Obama and Kerry are happily, voluntarily shoving Jews toward the Iranian ovens.

America, under President Obama, is aligned with Iran. That is a fact.

As Ruthie Blum explains: 

"I will not apologize and I will not recant," Huckabee retorted. 

"Because the word 'Holocaust' was invoked by the Iranian government. They used that very word."

"Huckabee is right. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, has openly called for the genocide of the Jews. Street demonstrations in Iran, particularly those celebrating the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the taking of the U.S. Embassy staff hostage in 1979, all include chants of "Death to Israel," alongside those of "Death to America," and involve the burning of the flags of both countries."

"In spite of my own aversion to the abuse of imagery where the Holocaust is concerned, I see nothing far-fetched in Huckabee's warnings. While his critics are going figuratively ballistic over his "offensive language," Iran is literally going ballistic. With real missiles and genocidal goals."

"Words should not be taken lightly. Huckabee's ought to be heeded."

Thus, the only Jews you will find "upset" about Huckabee's comments are those that are extremist liberals who merely happened to have been born Jewish.

Their religion is liberalism.

A love note from the Ayatollah to Obama. Listen to and trust what the Iranians say, not Obama and Kerry.