Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sweden Is Falling Apart And I Can't Say I'm Too Busted Up About It

It is terrifically hard, well-make that impossible, for me to feel sorry for Sweden.

"While the Swedish elite celebrates itself by calling the former Viking land a “humanitarian super power” for letting in [sic] houndreds of thousands of Muslims within a handful of years, the country is falling apart. Recently there were four grenate [sic] explosions in Malmö, Swedens third largest city and famous for its high share of Muslim citizens, in a single week. That was the 30st grenade explosion in Malmö since January 2015 (compared to “only” 25 explosions in all of 2014)."

"A bit about Malmö..."

I also missed this charming story about cross-cultural social activities in Malmö from the end of July. Apparently "celebrate diversity" in Pashto was one of the phrases that the initial Swedish Welcome Wagon forgot to explain.

I guess these "excitable lads" (to borrow a SteynPhrase) must have thought that gang rape is the equivalent of asking for a helping of Swedish meat balls. No big deal, just part of the welcome. 

It's astonishing to me that more Swedes don't care in the slightest about their country now being rape capital of the world. But, I guess they have been sufficiently anesthetized by the crazy, leftist elites of their already crazy, leftist elite country.

Where Sweden goes, the rest of Europe is sure to follow.